Who am I?

I’ve struggled with chronic pain most of my life. Surviving chronic pain was an excruciating, dark, fearful, hard and lonely journey, but the exhilarating emotions of finally conquering the pain by God’s grace are still fresh.

As Registered Nurse I knew pain is a warning, signaling something is wrong in your body. If pain is not caused by a physical injury, then what is the cause?

Through my quest for a cure I discovered the seemingly illusive solution to overcome chronic pain hiding in plain sight. Research has proven that there is a direct connection between our mind and body. Emotional scars and injuries as well as stress could cause as severe physical pain as caused by physical injuries.

By the grace of God, I have conquered the pain and live life to the fullest. I am back on the golf course, enjoying golfing with family and friends while walking 18 holes carrying my bag of clubs. I run 10 km races and hike mountain peaks!

My husband and I live in Southern California, while our kids reside in Colorado. Our remaining family stayed behind in South Africa. Though, we are blessed with an extended American family and a bunch of good friends.

I have retired from a twenty-two-year nursing career and became a consultant in Electronic Project Management Software, teaching new users and support them using the software.

When I am not consulting or writing, I serve at our local campus in the Prayer Ministry, play golf, hanging out with friends or read. I love the Lord our God and my family.

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